Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lindsay Books

I firmly believe that goal of an engineer is the design of, oversight of manufacturing, or oversight of operation of physical items. All else computer modeling, mathematical analysis, CAD modeling is in support of that first goal.

The design of and oversight of manufacturing is greatly aided by knowledge of the physical processes used to make the part. I have taken some night classes in welding and machining to better appreciate the physical fabrication of equipment.
While books do not fully capture the knowledge to build something they are a good start. If you want to learn about casting, machining, machine tool design and how to do it yourself I would suggest Lindsay Books. Lindsay Books has a wide variety of books on engines, motors, machining, casting, metalworking, blacksmithing, and archaic industrial processes. Don’t look down your nose on knowledge of archaic industrial processes. Some of those processes served as the foundation of more modern processes. Knowledge of archaic processes will also serve to make you appreciate modern processes.

Go to Lindsay Books.

I am currently reading two books from them. These two books are of historical interest as opposed to practical how-to. The first, "English and American Machine Builders" is a history of the early days of machine tool design and manufacture. The second, "Instruments and Accurate Mechanisms" is from 1934. It covers techniques for the design and analysis of precision machinery.


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