Friday, November 17, 2006

Trying out embedding Youtube video

I'm trying out embedding Youtube videos. Below is a fitting video for an engineering blog - a video of a crane collapse. A reminder of what can go wrong.

Here is a summary statement from OSHA (web link here) about the accident:

Miller Park, in Milwaukee, opened a year late after a crane collapsed during the construction killing three workers.... On July 14, 1999, three iron-workers, in a suspended personnel platform monitoring the hoisting of a roof section, died after falling approximately 300 feet to the ground when their platform was struck by the collapsing heavy-lift crane. The crane known as “Big Blue” was lifting a section of the stadium roof weighing over 450 tons. Several environmental factors contributed to the accident including the wind and soft soil. The wind speeds that day were 20-21 mph with gusts to 26-27 mph, and the boom on the crane was rated to 20 mph. Also, the crane sank about a foot into the soil when it initially lifted the roof section earlier that morning.


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